Lullay My Sweet One





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Lullay My Sweet One
Music for Day Dreams and Good Nights

The Bungalow Ensemble

Concept: Theresa Nelson
Musical and Choral Director: Shira Kammen

Elizabeth Dunne • Linda Infelise • Jenny Jackson-Paton
Shira Kammen • Tom Lindemuth • Madeleine Nelson
Theresa Nelson • Susan Poor • David Watt • Helen Wills Brown
Piano: Charlie Hancock
Vielle and Fiddle: Shira Kammen
Harp: Diana Rowan
Mandolin, Irish Whistle and Irish Low Whistle: Kevin Carr

To my amazing daughter Madeleine, who inspired this lullaby CD years ago, to my dear husband Barney who lovingly supported this venture, to Shira, whose gorgeous arrangements and musical leadership inspired all of us, to Dave who listened so carefully and shared this journey, and to all the talented women and men of California Revels choruses past and present ... may the voices you raise in song bring a new generation to love this music as we do.

Lullay My Sweet One: Music for Day Dreams and Good Nights

1. Hushabye Birdie/Star of the County Down 3:40
2. Nobilis, Humilis, the Hymn to St. Magnus 2:34
3. Os Reis Do Caurel 2:32
4. Your Soul is a Chosen Landscape: Mera Merosa
A Ei Di’r ‘Deryn Du? 3:30
5. Seoithín, Seóthúló 2:10
6. Ye Banks and Braes 2:42
7. La Tierche Estampie Royale 3:48
8. Venus’ Birds 1:52
9. Lullay My Liking 3:20
10. Numi, Numi/Durme, Durme 5:00
11. À la Claire Fontaine/Crooked Waltz 3:44
12. Wexford Lullaby 3:12
13. ‘ S Umbó Aerá 2:36
14. Dark Island 3:05
15. Tàladh Chriosta/Manx Lullaby 3:46
16. Lullay Lullow 2:48
17. Traveller’s Prayer 2:10
18. Goodnight and Joy 3:08